Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Duo Show, Regular Show, Interview, Small Children Love SB

Ok, first we have 2 very different shows coming up in Brooklyn this weekend.

Fri. Aug 21st- Bob and Andrew perform as an "acoustic" duo, playing assorted instruments, some SB material, some non SB material. We'll also be featuring some special guests... the show is part of the Rooftop Films series and our 8:30 set will be followed by a screening of Rock Heart Beijing, a documentary about Chinese Punk. There's some footage of the last duo show we played at Goodbye Blue Monday back in January floating around the internet somewhere, but I couldn't find it just now. For more info go to

Sun Aug 23rd- We play a normal show at Union Pool with Wizardry and Marching Teeth.

Here's an interview we did in a dark alley in Richmond, VA. This is how we talk after being on tour for 5 weeks.

Also, there are now 2 unrelated videos of young children dancing to skeletonbreath on youtube. Let's hope this is not mere coincidence but the beginning of a bizarre trend.

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  1. Saw skeletonbreath at a show several years back in south carolina